Abi Mohamed

Abi Mohamed, Partner

Abi is a skilled full-stack software engineer who has delivered numerous products in the public and private sector.

Her ability to distill complex technology into actionable insights make her a great asset to startups who are stuck with their product roadmaps.

Denzel Walters

Denzel Walters, Partner

Denzel is an experienced investor and builder of underrepresented businesses.

His finance and business background give him insights turning ideas into viable businesses that offer stellar products or services.

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Abigail Osundun, Partner

Abigail is an experience Compliance Analyst, having spent a number of years in the public and private sector. She has helped firms navigate regulatory developments in the UK and Europe.

Emmanuel Aremu

Emmanuel Aremu, Partner

Emmanuel Aremu is the Growth Director at BlackCurve, a leading pricing software startup.

He has delivered sustainable results using growth marketing at many companies across several industries (publishing, education, non-profit and tech).