We are always on the look out for underrepresented founders that are building great startups. With a growing list of co-investors, we can invest at the pre-seed/seed stage portion of your company’s lifecycle.

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Investment Criteria

  • At least one underrepresented founder on the founding team.

  • Investment stage - we primarily invest in the Pre-Seed or Seed Stage of a company’s investment lifecycle.

  • Growing industries - we focus on software companies, ecommerce or consumer products.

  • Understandable business model - B2B, B2C, subscription models or marketplaces, ideally generating revenue.

  • Working product - public MVP that is demonstating month-on-month traction.

  • Large market opportunity - aiming for £10 million - £100+ million exit, with a 7-10 year horizon in mind.

  • Adaptable leadership team - a team with solid experience, the ability to listen and adapt.

  • Deep understanding customer base - must know how potential customers think and live their lives.