What is Wrong with This List?

Emmanuel hit me up last week with an article from the Business Insider, “The 100 coolest people in UK tech”, and asked me what is wrong with this list.

A few seconds scrolling down and it dawned on me relatively exactly what was wrong with the list - there was not an obvious black face to be seen anywhere.

There are no obvious quantitative metrics by which to measure coolness, such is the subjective nature of these lists right. But it still frustrates me that people that look like myself continue to be overlooked and underrepresented.

Yes, I did take time to grow through the list and tally up some simple diversity stats.

Yes, this is really what I do in my spare time.

The list sums to 113 but it counts a group of people as one position on the list.

BI List

As you can see the list is 81% white and 77% male, which, sad to say, is to be expected, but there is no black representation on the list whatsoever.

Last year it was marginally better there were an almighty and incredulous amount of black people on the “cool” list.

How many you ask? Well… just two black women. Julie Adenuga at No.3 and Legacy Russell at No.92

There are more black people than ever (both men and women) now involved in the tech ecosystem.

We need more representation, and we need to be the drivers for this. If we leave it to lists this one published on Business Insider, we will always be asking “where are the people that look like us.”

Instead of expressing my disappointment repeatedly, we need to take this as a time to celebrate platforms that celebrate other underrepresented groups and us.

Such as:

Let us know your thoughts about the list and showcasing underrepresented groups in the UK tech ecosystem.