Community Growth Ventures Partners with Tech Agencies to Help Founders Turn Ideas into Products

We are glad to announce our Technology Partnerships with two great product agencies, with the aim of helping promising founders build their MVPs.

Metier Digital and Distributed will help early stage startups produce MVPs at competitive rates. For more information about using both companies services, please email

Metier Digital

Metier Digital is a team of entrepreneurs, creatives and strategists and are focused on helping founders and businesses solve everyday problems in innovative and impactful ways.


Distributed is a market leader for providing on-demand, Elastic Teams to businesses with growing digital requirements and boasts an extensive list of clients.

Both companies have ample experience and expertise to help early-stage startups take ideas and turn them into functioning MVPs.

Here are a few words from Nana Parry, CEO of Metier Digital:

“Our whole business is based around getting your MVP to market as cheaply and as quickly as possible. We build analytics into the process so you only end up investing more capital into your business based on data the market is really telling you about your idea, and how it is landing with your target users. By working with us, we want to give you the confidence that the decisions you make about your product and business are the correct ones, and to also make it affordable for you. There is a feeling of freedom we enjoy as entrepreneurs and we want to enable others to join us on the amazing journey.”

Carlo Burci, Growth Lead at Distributed said:

“We are a platform play on outsourcing. We fancy ourselves the AWS of outsourcing because we can scale engineering teams across specialisms in under 24hrs. We charge only for consumption, never a retainer. We can be a partner throughout your growth. In your early stages we provide not only the digital skill sets necessary for success, but the product guidance, research and methodologies necessary to ensure we deliver a product that resonates with customers.”

Emmanuel Aremu, Growth Director at Community Growth Ventures said:

“Working with Nana and Carlo made finalising the partnerships with each organisation a seamless process. Both companies support founders who are driven to create products their customers will love. We all at CGV look forward to working with Metier Digital and Distributed to help more founders turn their ideas into real products.”

To learn more about how you can work with Metier Digital or Distributed, please email for more details.