Our Mission

We are investing in underrepresented entrepreneurs looking to change the world and communities they operate in. We specifically work with startups at the Pre-Seed and Seed stage.

We’re excited to document the process of building an angel investment fund from the ground up.

Why We Started CGV?
Black businesses and founders face disproportionate challenges in growing and scaling businesses such as access to capital, strong networks, and mentorship.

We want to be a part of the solution to these issues. So the plan is to advise, invest, help black businesses and founders to scale. 

The reason why this is necessary is pretty simple.

Financial freedom for our community can be facilitated with an abundance of resources - our community is lacking the resources to ensure prosperity and opportunities for future generations.

With the opportunities overflowing in the tech sector, it only makes sense for us to shift the tide our way.

We want to create an open dialogue around solving economic issues in our community, as well as provide a window into our thinking at CGV, but most importantly, make what we are trying to do accessible to those that want to do the same.